Today, everything in the digital world changing rapidly. In fact, there is no sustainable tactics of any works at all. In case of link building, you may have lot of myth and most of the expert or professionals will not tell the fact directly. They will extend the story unnecessarily that is nothing expect time wasting! I’m fade up enough seeing these activities online. Every newbie has right to know the correct information by an easy way. So, I’m trying to write the hidden fact of link building strategy. The writing will be very short and it may not appear on Google search result. Whatever, I’m trying…..

In my opinion it is very easy task and simple to find out the tactics. At first, you need a paid tool, it is must. There are some so called Guru will tell you that it is not mandatory but they are using the paid extensively. So, I prefer here Ahrefs. Then you need a website or a landing page what you want to rank on the search result. And find out the targeted keyword or search term. Now, it is our duty to rank the targeted keyword!Actual Link Building Strategy

Do some research about the keyword and look out who are on the top ten position on the Google search. Then trace out the back link profile of these websites. It will be better for you to pick top five website here to find out the targeted backlink profile. Only find out a fact that from where these websites have taken backlink. And try to take link on your website from them.

After getting the back link profile, you should look at the top achor text of these back links. It is a hidden screte in my opinion. Just keep your keyword as anchor text while intending to take link from any website. And, you should maintain a diversification in case of implementation anchor text, it is not wise to use same anchor text of all time.

Now, you have large list of websites taking help of Ahrefs who give back link. So, you can start taking back link one by one from these website that is very easy task. Simply target a first competitors and search it on Ahrefs and find out the referring domain list and click show backlink option. Then click the referring page to see how the website take backlink and simply replicate the process for your website.

So, I think it is not a very hard task indeed. Only need a paid tool to accomplish the task perfectly. If you face any problem, you can contact with us. Thank You!

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